The Metaverse promises a new digital future full of exciting experiences. In "The Metaverse Show" Enara and Ryan take you through some of the basic ideas and building blocks of the Metaverse in a fully virtual environment as their avatars, wearing digital clothes.

Enara Nazarova

Founder of ARMOAR and co-host of the Digital Fashion & Art Show on Clubhouse. Top 30 leading voices on the Metaverse.

Ryan Kopinsky

Founder of Reality School and co-host of the Digital Fashion & Art Show on Clubhouse.


The show was produced fully remote with the two protagonists being in different locations. We used Unreal Engine leveraging Metahumans for the protagonists and remote face motion capture and Rokoko Smart Suit for animation. This way it was possible to produce quality content without the need for anyone to leave their location.

Tech Stack
- Unreal Engine 4.27 (game engine)
- Metahuman Creator (characters)
- Marvelous Designer (clothes)
- Blender (weight painting clothes)
- Quixel Megascans (landscape)
- Cinema 4D (modeling of buildings & benches)
- Speedtree
- Brushify
- Rokoko Smart Suit (Body Mocap)
- iPhone 12 & 13 (remote face-mocap)


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