We're a Berlin-based studio helping leverage the new tools and platforms making up the metaverse and web3 to create meaningful experiences for their audiences.

We help understand the metaverse market, the platforms and its potentials and develop approaches for your endeavor.
Consulting, Design Sprints, Technology

With our in-house team of 3D artists and animators we create worlds, avatars, respective assets and animations for the given application.
Modeling, Motion Design, Character Design, Clothing, Animation, Architecture

The experience gets programmed on the chosen platform for deployment.
Unreal Engine, WebGL, Full Stack Web



We come from a diverse range of backgrounds from game development, visual effects, 3D art, anthropology, character design, web development, design thinking and business. In the past we have worked with consumer brands from automotive to music and fashion and are very excited about this new venture. Currently, collaborate remotely but consider Berlin our hq. For further information please get in touch.
Michael Günther
Design + Animation
Lukas Paul
Jonas Becker
Character + Motion Capture
Clemens Gammer
Concept, PM, Orga